Minnesota Commercial Real Estate For Lease

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Multi-tenant retail properties in the 7-county metro area in excess of 30,000 square feet. Rental rates are based on quoted net rates exclusive of transaction costs. Actual effective rates will vary.


  • Existing Projects: Building construction completed prior to December 31st, 2010.
  • Vacant space: Space that is unoccupied and not under lease
  • Absorption: The positive or negative difference in the amount of space occupied between December 31st, 2009 and December 31st, 2010.
  • Space that is physically occupied by a tenant prior to December 31st, 2010, but marketed for lease is considered occupied space.
  • Sublease space, either physically occupied or vacant, is considered occupied space in real estate until the lease runs out
  • Space occupied by a tenant on a month-to-month lease that is also marketed for lease to a new, long- term tenant is considered occupied space
  • The report does not track shadow space, or buildings that are leased by tenants who are not using the space but not trying to sublease it
  • Contiguous space: Having a common boundary; space that is directly adjacent to another space or spaces
  • Average quoted rates were based on single, double, or triple net rates.


  • Regional Center: 400,000 square feet and up
  • Community Center: 150,000-399,999 square feet
  • Neighborhood Center: 30,000-149,999 square feet
  • Central Business Districts of Minneapolis & St. Paul: Regardless of square footage
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