Tenant Representation
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In every transaction, we try to create an environment that will enable our client to obtain the best deal while creating a win‐win atmosphere.

Scope of Services

By working with an Upland professional, property owners increase their resources dramatically. Our experienced staff will provide immediate access to crucial up-to-date market information on current active tenants, rental rates, concessions, mapping, demographics, operating expenses, recent lease and sale comparables, and property tax data. This information gives property owners leverage with buyers and tenants at the negotiating table. Most importantly, Upland does all the legwork, so our clients can continue to run their businesses, knowing they have an advocate working exclusively in their best interest.

Part of this legwork includes knowing the current market conditions and potential buyers or tenants and their brokers, who are in the business every day. We are up to date on the current market terms, expansion options, tenant improvement packages, and broker incentives that landlords can use to their advantage in negotiations. This market knowledge is extremely valuable to you as an owner during negotiations. Upland has the expert knowledge you need.

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